Summer 2022

Summer 2022

July 23, 2022
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I can’t believe it’s been over six months since I’ve written, all I can say is that it’s been crazy busy with no time to sit down!

We have had and are continuing to have, a really busy year. We have been fully booked for months and have no space now until the end of October, we are fully booked for Christmas too. We have so many bookings in for next year and for 2024 already, please, if you have any dates you would like held please let us know as soon as possible.

We are so blessed to have the loveliest cats who stay with us and we adore them all. During the recent hot weather the cat hotel stayed really cool as it is so well insulated, we spent all day up there as it was the coolest place on the farm! We also have the loveliest cat parents, a couple have recently had to cancel with short notice due to illness and both have paid in full, even though it was not their fault. Such kindness means a lot and does us help keep all our rehomed animals fit and well as they always come first.

We have incredibly sad news that our darling donkey Holly died on the 12th May. She had Colic and by the time I found her in the morning at 7am it was too late and we had to make the awful decision to let her go. She was our first ever donkey that we rehomed in 2006. She was the kindest most beautiful soul and we miss her terribly. Her son Charlie is still a bit lost as they had never been apart, but we are spending a lot of time with him and may well look to rehome a friend for him at some point in the future as the other four donkeys are both pairs, even though they do get on well as a group. Holly is buried in the paddock outside the kitchen window where she liked to stand and watch us, I shall miss that little face forever.

Arthur, our little Mediterranean Miniature donkey is having treatment for a tumour which is just under his eye. He has to have injections into it, so far he has had four and he has four more to go. Hopefully this will work, he’s such a lovely little man and being so brave. We have wonderful donkey vets who spend a lot of time making sure he is comfortable both before and after the injection and do really care and we are so grateful to them. All the other donkeys, sheep and ponies are really well thank goodness!

We recently rehomed a few more chickens so the cats have plenty of entertainment outside their windows which they love. Our bird feeders which are outside the cats windows are being filled twice a day as we have so many birds and lots of babies.

Our hay has now been cut and we have had another delivery of straw so the barn is full of feed for the animals. Our resident deer has had two more babies and they are living in the field behind the donkey paddock. There is a fresh water spring which forms a small pond in the corner of this field, plus we planted a small woodland there so she has shelter, its always a treat to see her. We also have two young buzzards again this year, they have a nest in one of our oak trees and are always calling their parents for food! We adore living here and sharing our lives with so many different animals and nature.

Hope you and your beautiful animals are all staying cool and keeping well. I’m back up to sit with my beautiful guests, yes, I really am living my best life 🙂

Jackie xx

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