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Tallulah meeting Uncle Tim for the first time!

Tallulah meeting Uncle Tim for the first time!

Animals mean the world to us. We run our lives around their needs and spend all our money on them. Without them we would have no purpose and to be able to look after other peoples cats is a dream job and one we take very seriously.

Most peoples reaction on visiting Hotel Cat is shock, it has rendered quite a few people speechless, but everyone loves the idea. To us it is quite normal to be slightly bonkers about animal care,  we previously set up the UK’s first luxury dog hotel, which we ran for seven years and which won multiple awards and accolades. It was during our time there that we realised this was a much needed service for cats.

We knew that because cats can’t be taken out for long walks like dogs that it was even more important that they had room in which to stretch their legs and run and jump to keep fit and healthy.  And so, Hotel Cat was born, in the idyllic and peaceful location of Sway in the New Forest. We have a small farm which is home to many different animals, including a family of deer. We are very privileged that they raised their two babies here this year and are always in one of our fields. We love knowing that they are safe whilst they are here and we can walk fairly close to them without bothering them at all.

Our luxury cattery is built to top human hotel standards, offering lavish elegance and refined comfort with the additional luxury of abundant space. With just eight suites available, your cat is guaranteed a personal one-to-one service during it’s stay with us. Your cat will be loved and cared for just by us as we do not have staff. This means that your cat bonds with us quickly and settles into their holiday immediately. It also means that we know your cat inside out and can keep you updated on their activities and well being.

We are one and a half hour’s drive from London and offer a personal cat chauffeur service to those who require it.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would just like to tell us about your precious cat, we would love to hear from you.

Jackie & Family x

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