The World's Largest Cat Suites

Our luxury cat hotel has the largest suites for cats in the UK. We wanted to revolutionize the luxury cattery stay into a truly relaxing, home from home experience so that cats could enjoy their own holiday when you had yours.

Unlike dogs, cats cannot be taken out for long walks to keep them stimulated during their stay, therefore it is vital that they have plenty of space to run and play to keep themselves fit and well. Even older cats, who sleep more than their younger friends, still like to have the space to stroll around, plus have a variety of sunbathing spots. At our hotel, cats will never get bored, with just eight suites, we are able to give each of our guests plenty of individual attention throughout the day, they also have garden views of bird feeders, chickens and donkeys to keep them entertained, or their favourite TV shows  can be played on their own personal screen.

They can stretch their legs and play hide and seek in our spacious suites, and they have two rooms to chose in which to spend their time in.If they want a snooze, they can stretch out on a full-sized bed and snuggle up on comfortable duvets, just as they would at home, or relax in the sun on one of the many sunbathing spots in their garden room.

Luxurious Suites

All of our eight suites have been tastefully decorated to top hotel standards and  there are no bars or mesh, just glass doors and  double glazed windows so all our guests have permanent visual stimulation. Our hotel is kept lovely and warm in the winter and stays cool in the hot summer months. The garden rooms can be used all year as they are not open to the elements like traditional catteries and with the large, double glazed window they keep comfortably warm for the sun worshippers.

Each suite has both a bedroom/living room with full size bed and duvet. From the bedroom a full size door, with cat flap leads out into their garden room. This room is filled with climbing frames, trees, seats and hiding places to allow your cat to run, play and sleep.

With our smallest suite being 154 sq ft of living and play area, to our largest suite being 348 sq ft your cat will certainly have plenty of room to stretch and play.

Quality Food & Fine Dining

Your cats food is served from their own personnel cabinet. All our guests have china bowls and drink only fresh water from our own supply. We also have a Fine Dining Menu for special treats.

Exceptionally Clean and Tidy

All of our suites are swept and dusted daily. The litter trays are cleaned out many times throughout the day and your cat’s food is kept away from the trays for hygiene purposes. In between guests, each suite is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with animal safe products. All soft furnishings are machine washed between guests.

Wellbeing & Personal Care

Because we have only a small number of suites we can provide a very personal level of care, which of course includes cuddles, fuss and daily play. We understand that being away from home can be a stressful experience for cats, which is why we have endeavored to make our guests’ stay such a pleasurable and relaxing experience.

We also have a superb vet just a short drive away if needed and we are experienced in giving all kinds of medication.

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