Beachcombers Cat Suite

Beachcombers Suite

A chic, light beach house style for beachcomber cats

Our Beachcombers suite is decorated in a light, chic beach house style, that provides relaxation and comfort for our guests. The single bed has the soft duvet and pillow to snuggle up on, plus plenty of other sleeping spots.

The garden room looks over the bird garden and is a hive of activity. With trees, climbing frames, hiding places and sun lounger a cat will never be bored. There is a television, radio and plenty of stimulating cat toys and games in each suite.

Suite Pricing

The cat suite is priced at £30.00 per day, with additional guests from the same family costing £10.00 each per day.

Pricing is inclusive of heating, insurance, dry food, treats, litter, love and cuddles.

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