Feline Fine Dining

special dietary needs cat hotel

When you go on holiday, you get to experience delicious cuisine, and why should it be any different for your pet? For a special treat, we provide a selection of gourmet dining options, that include fresh, locally sourced food, tailored to your cat’s individual requirements and served in their room at your requested time. Each dish is cooked to order and served on a china dinner service with fresh spring water. This service is available at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We have the following a la carte menu options, but we can accommodate any special dietary requirements on request.

  • Prawn and crab medley – a delicious mixture of fresh meat chopped and served as fish cakes: £4.00
  • Salmon and cod poached and flaked: £4.00
  • Baked chicken breast – succulent, moist breast of chicken chopped into small bite size pieces: £3.00 per meal.
  • Fresh tuna steak slow cooked and hand flaked: £4.00 per meal
  • Smoked salmon with king prawns – served with a small amount of seafood sauce and topped with fresh cat nip, a firm favourite for a special occasion: £6.00

We also serve a range of cat food brands, so just let us know your pet’s favourite snacks and dishes, and we will provide them, included as standard in the room rate.

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