Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming!

December 4, 2022
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Can you believe how quickly this year has flown? Honestly it feels like September has just ended, but it’s already Christmas time. Mind you, I adore this time of year and already have all my presents wrapped and put away, the decorations and lights are up both indoors and in the Cat Hotel and I sing along to all the Christmas songs with gusto!

It has been an amazing year, we have never been so busy and have met some beautiful cats who have joined our regular guest list already. Unfortunately this has meant that we have had to turn favourites away as we have been fully booked, it’s tough to get it spot on so are already sending out a plea to please book early for next year. There are quite a few dates which are already full including parts of September. We genuinely love seeing our favourite guests returning and seeing how happy they are, it’s like having friends to stay and it is so hard to say we are full.

The farm is as beautiful as ever, every season brings out a new beauty. We have been blessed by such an amazing Autumn this year and our majestic oaks are still holding onto their orange leaves which look stunning in the winter sun. I’m also looking forward to seeing their bare limbs as I think winter trees have their own beauty. Our lovely deer family are all doing well and still bring us a daily smile.

The naughty donkeys and ponies are fat and contented, with a barn full of hay and straw to munch whilst waiting for the grass to return. They are all really well and Arthur’s tumour seems to be shrinking after his treatment, fingers crossed it will disappear and that will be an end to it – he’s such a special boy and a complete heart stealer. They have all settled back down into a group after the loss of Holly in May with Charlie as lead donkey now.

The Cat Hotel is toasty warm with the heating on 24hrs a day, it’s such a lovely place to be. We are trying to swallow the cost of the extra fuel charge by not raising prices but by investing in solar panels. They are being fitted in January, time will tell how much they will save us but as Tesco say, every little helps!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and good health and much happiness for 2023. We couldn’t do this without you all and genuinely appreciate every booking that comes in. I know how hard it is to trust someone to look after your much loved cat and just love being with them all. Thank you all for making Hotel Cat a success.

Much love,


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