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Lovely guests at Hotel Cat Luxury Cattery

February 24, 2015
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We have had such an exciting time this month. We have had more press and two lots of TV crews in the last week! The guest cats are loving all the extra attention and treats and we have a couple of real stars amongst them!

Since opening Hotel Cat we have had a real variety of breeds, colours and personalities to care for. Each cat is totally unique and the one thing which really shines out is how much they are all loved by their parents. Each cat suite is filled with all sorts from home and we have many cats who turn up with their Mum’s dressing gown – it seems as though most of us lose our soft clothes to our cats!

We absolutely love seeing how well all of the guests settle with us. We had two stunning Silver Tabbies, who, through no fault of their own, are now in their third (and definitely final!) home aged only 3. One of them, Freddy, hid for two days when he went to his new home, but has settled here like he has stayed many times before. The hotel has a very calm feel to it and with all the animals and birds to watch outside keeps the cats entertained and relaxed.

We have been fully booked for the last few weeks and have many bookings coming in for throughout the year and right into 2016. If you are thinking about taking a break and would like to come and have a look around Hotel Cat then we would be delighted to meet you.

Here is a link to a news article from Feb 2015 and a video;

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February 2015 at Hotel Cat

February 5, 2015
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It’s lovely to meet the new cats coming in this month. We are full for the whole month and over half full for March already. We have a range of different cats and different breeds coming to stay. We have just had our first hairless cat, a Peterbald called Baggins. He was such a big character and we all totally fell in love with him. We keep the heating on 24hrs a day and it is a constant 22 degrees or 71 in Fahrenheit. He was toasty warm in his suite and we missed his lovely personality and cuddles when he went home. February brings more kittens, which are always so much fun and also a couple of real senior citizens – so much to look forward to.
We have had another newspaper out today and as usual they couldn’t believe their eyes! We do love seeing people’s first reaction to the hotel, I guess we are so used to the cats having such luxury that it is second nature to us.
We have added a couple of new DVD’s to the cats personal selections. These DVD’s are designed especially for cats and we had one of our guests meowing to the cat on the TV today, they are so amusing and we certainly love our job ♥.
We are having our hallway turning into a giant virtual fishpond soon and I can’t wait to show you the videos. We love searching for new ways to keep the cats entertained and they certainly keep us on our toes. We have a family of four young Bengals and Bengal crosses who come to stay, they are such a fun family and always come armed with new toys. Their best one has to be a pirate ship, we love it! They love the interactive DVD’s and Luna in particular can be found hunting for the mice behind the screen!

Luna watching her favourite video

Luna watching her favourite video

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