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Summers arrived at the cat hotel

June 29, 2019
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What fantastic weather, this is definitely what we have been waiting for! The farm is looking so lovely with all the trees in full leaf. We have just had our hay cut and it smells so sweet. Even better news is that we can now get to see this years baby deer. We thought that there was a baby as Mum was always around and were thrilled to finally see it.

The donkeys have shed their thick winter coats and are all looking really shiny and well. They adore the sun and are full of beans. They will be even more pleased when the hay is brought in to the barn next week!

Hotel Cat has been so busy lately that some days I don’t have time to have lunch until the evening! I wouldn’t change it though as we have had such lovely guests to stay. They are all kept highly entertained by the huge amount of birds that we have on the feeders outside their windows and the resident squirrels and rabbits which also share the food.

Enjoy the sunshine,

Jackie xx

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