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Autumn arrives at Hotel Cat

October 14, 2021
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Well after a fantastic summer Autumn has now arrived. After a slow start the Cat Hotel filled quickly and we have never been so busy, we literally could have filled it three times over and it was almost a full time job just turning people away. It quietens right down at the end of October and we are looking forward to catching our breath again.

We have had so many wonderful guests this summer and really do feel blessed that people want us to care for such amazing cats. All of our guests are so adored at home and really crave the attention that we love to give so it really is a wonderful way to spend our days.

The donkeys are all really well and are loving the late sunshine. The adore sunbathing so it’s lovely to watch them soaking up the last bit of heat before the cold of winter. We treated them to some lovely new mattresses for both their barn and their stables. They should be much warmer for them to lay on and more comfortable too. Holly, who is now our oldest donkey has been having lots of remedial work done on her teeth as they are not good. It’s obviously working though as she is in lovely condition with plenty of weight which they need to have going into winter. Ted the mischievous Shetland has also had quite a few vet visits this summer, including one for colic just this week! He has a problem with his stifle, which is his rear knee and so he is now on an exercise regime to try and build up muscle around this area, fingers crossed it’s working otherwise it means he has to have an operation.

A few of you met our beautiful little Yorkshire Terrier, Wickie Woo, when you came here. We were lucky enough to have been chosen to rehome her from a charity in 2018 when she was just ten weeks old. She was handed into the charity by her breeder as she only had one eye and virtually no hair. We completely and utterly adored her, she was just the sweetest little dog and was smaller than the cats. I would quite often have her on one side of me and Stella the cat on the other as they would both love to snuggle in. Unfortunately she started to look under the weather and after blood tests were taken it was found that she was in acute kidney failure. The scan showed that her kidneys were shriveled and the vets told us that she would have had the condition since birth and couldn’t believe that she had been so well for so long. It was just five and a half weeks after her diagnosis that we lost her and it was just heartbreaking. Losing any animal that is such an integral part of your family is so hard, but when they are so young it just seems so cruel. We shall all miss her forever.

Life on the farm goes on and the family of deer are all really well. This years twins are a boy and a girl and we can get so close to them on our daily walks. It is such a privilege and we still pinch ourselves daily that we live in such a beautiful place. Our apple trees in the drive have been so full this year which has kept the donkeys, Ted, the sheep and Hercules the goat very happy. Every day for the past six weeks they have had a bucket of fallers and they queue up along the fence waiting for me to feed them. Every night the foxes and a pair of badgers come and eat the ones on the drive, we can watch them on the gate cameras and it’s so lovely to see them.

We have a huge amount of bookings coming in for next year, more than we would normally have and a number of dates are full already. If you have any dates you would like held please do let us know as soon as you can.

Unfortunately due to our bills all going up our prices will be going up by £2 per day from the 1st January 2022. We have not put the prices up for four years so hope you understand.

I’m off to kiss my guests goodnight and to give them their bedtime dreamies. The heating is on in all the suites now and it’s warmer in the hotel than it is in the house!

Jackie xx

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