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Summer continues at Hotel Cat

July 28, 2019
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What a beautiful summer, we are all loving the sunshine. Cats basking on their loungers and donkeys stood in the shade of the fruit trees, it’s just so peaceful and I hope it stays for August too.

The cat hotel has been really busy with lots of lovely guests and we are full for much of the year now. It’s so lovely to see all of our favourites coming back to see us and we love them all.

The donkeys are all well, although all a little fat! Percy was meant to be going to the New Forest Show this week but he is just too tubby. I have started to up his walks around the lanes in a bid to get his weight down, perhaps I’ll even get him to run with me once he’s fitter!

We had to have one of our lovely white ducks put to sleep this month. The vets tried to save her but she had peritonitis and they couldn’t keep her going. Her sister Elizabeth was very upset so we arranged to rehome two young runner ducks. Kate and Meghan have settled in really well and the three of them wander around together and sleep curled up with each other which is very sweet.

Right, back off to spend the last couple of hours with my guests before bed.

Jackie xx

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