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Beautiful summer at Hotel Cat

August 25, 2014
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It has been a wonderful first summer for us all. We have finished our fabulous Cat Hotel and the feedback has been over-whelming. Our cats, Nou, Doumy and Sid think it is a great place and have really helped in choosing the best toys, cat trees and cosy furniture. We only moved to the New Forest in October 2013 and have been really busy since we arrived. Hotel Cat used to be a barn, it has now been completely changed and is totally unrecognizable. We have 20 acres of the most beautiful land and want to farm it ethically as we are totally against killing anything. Our egg business is going really well, we rehome hens and they stay with us for life – our oldest girls are nearly seven years old and still lay occasionally. They all free range which gives the eggs a lovely flavour, you will see them on the approach to the hotel as they wander where they like! They are also very friendly as they get plenty of titbits during the day, their favourite is digestive biscuits! We cut hay off of our fields this year, we left wide strips un cut under the trees and hedges as we have resident deer. The female deer had two beautiful babies this year and we are lucky enough to see them everyday. We are delighted with our new lifestyle and the cats think the farm is a great place too. Nou, our Ragdoll who thinks she is a dog walks round the farm with us twice a day, we call her the supervisor and she takes her role very seriously. Next year we are hoping to plant lavender in one of our fields and we are in talks with various groups who would like to help scythe the hay by hand and plant new hedges, there are interesting times ahead.

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