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May 17, 2023
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I’ve been told off by some of my regulars for not updating my blog – no excuses apart from being busy with the cats!

How is it May already?! I’m glad it is though as it’s my favourite month, full of the promise of summer, sunshine and long days. It’s been such a busy start to the year and we are almost fully booked until January. We still have a small amount of space left in the second half of October and for some of November, but I’ve never known the diary so full, there is a waiting list for most dates throughout the summer.

We are currently replacing the cat trees as we have found these lovely wooden ones, the cats love them and hopefully by the end of the year there will be at least two in each suite. Our solar panels are now up and running and are fab! In the first month alone we noticed a huge reduction in our electricity bill.

Poor Arthur, our much loved little miniature donkey is undergoing new chemotherapy treatment as his tumour has come back with a vengeance. He started it on Monday and has his second course in two weeks. We are keeping everything crossed that this will work as he’s such a beautiful soul. He also asked me to tell you all that he loves apples and carrots! We are trying to get him to understand that new people do not all have needles so if you have any thing in the fridge before your holiday that you need to clear Arthur’s your boy!

Sweep, our 14 year old cat had to have two teeth removed on her birthday last month, not much of a present, but at least she’s still with us. She has a large growth on her gum which was making her teeth infected. She is much happier now and eating well. all three of our cats are now teenagers and sleep most of the day – they are loving be able to bask in the sunshine again.

I’m off with the binoculars to walk around the farm to see if I can see our deer. The mum is huge at the moment so we know the babies are due anytime. It’s such a joy and a privilege to live here and to spend all day with animals, we both adore your cats and never take for granted how blessed we are.

Jackie xx

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