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April 19, 2015
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A few of our customers know that we have had the TV cameras filming lately. They finished filming today and the documentary goes out in approx. one months time. It’s called ‘For the love of cats’ and is all about the sacrifices that people have made in order for cats to have a better life. We are very excited and extremely nervous in equal measures! The cats chosen for the filming were the bold, attention seekers and they had a ball with the film crew. Sebastian the Silver Tabby is a total natural in front of the camera and was a total star. Pino the Maine Coon kitten was also thrilled to be chosen, along with Willow the one eyed Tiffany cat and Poppy the sweetest little ginger girl who came from a rehoming centre and has now landed on her feet with a family who adore her.

Percy Pinkerton’s paddock is finally being fenced tomorrow and a new shelter for the donkeys is being ordered. Holly, our first ever donkey, has been under the vet this month as she developed a condition called COPD. This is basically a lung infection and we think the most likely cause is her current barn as it is very old and dusty. Those who have been here know that we have an awful lot of work to do on the house, but this is now on hold until the donkeys have dust free accommodation. Everyone who loves their animals understands that they always come first.

We are filling up fast for the summer and September is almost fully booked. If you are thinking of planning a break and would like your cat to stay in Hotel Cat then please give us a call.

The TV crew at our luxury cat hotel

The TV crew at our luxury cat hotel

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