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Summer is on it’s way

May 12, 2015
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It is absolutely beautiful here on the farm now that summer is almost here. The birds are busy feeding their babies and there are young rabbits everywhere – the cats approve of the outside entertainment!
We have had another really busy month with a variety of cats coming to stay, we even had George, William and Kate here for three weeks. They were three very lucky cats who were rehomed from Battersea, they really have landed on their feet now and live like the royals themselves.
It is Champagne Charlie’s (our little white donkey) 8th birthday today. He had extra digestives for breakfast and has his favourite broccoli stems for an afternoon treat. He is a real sweetie and totally adored by everyone who meets him. We took on his expectant Mum, Holly in April 2006 and after a very long pregnancy Charlie eventually appeared on the 12th May 2007. I have to say that having a baby donkey is the cutest thing and we wouldn’t of missed it for the world. Holly and Charlie used to walk through our garden to get to their field from the stable and they would always stop for a sunbathe on route. Charlie was actually in quite a lot of the papers, both national and local at the time as a photographer took a beautiful photo of him kicking his legs up on a hill. We have kept all the cuttings and love looking back on our ‘famous’ boy.
We are busy landscaping the approach to Hotel Cat at the moment and it is looking very smart. We adore our lives living and ‘working’ with animals, they really do give you so much love and although we will never have wealth, we have a fantastic life.
I must go back and sit with my oldies now. I have Colin who was rehomed as a stray 15 years ago staying with us and Treacle who is at least 18. Both of their owners adore them and they now have wonderful homes. They are a delightful pair of gentlemen, and like me to just sit and talk to them, it’s never a problem 🙂

Donkey foal new born

A new born Charlie. The cutest baby donkey!

We are almost full for the summer, with just a few dates left. If you are thinking of leaving your cat in our hotel, the sooner we know the better as we have had to turn quite a few people down for certain dates lately.

Charlie two days old!

Charlie two days old!

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