Summer on the farm

Summer on the farm

July 7, 2021
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Business is back with a bang again and we are super busy. We are meeting lots of new customers and welcoming back our lovely regulars, I can’t tell you how lovely it is to see the hotel in full purr.

The farm and gardens really do come into their own during the summer and it all looks beautiful. Due to the weather we still haven’t been able to cut our hay, but fingers crossed it can be done in the next couple of weeks.

Our deer had twins this year, we were fortunate to see them on the day she had them and they were tiny! They are two months old now and have grown so quickly, they are incredibly quick too. Last years two daughters are also still here and we are hoping they stay and have their young here next year.

The mischievous donkeys are all really well – probably a bit too well due to all the excess grass! Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Cookie in May, as a lot of you know he was our oldest donkey, estimated to be at least 35. He was struggling to get on to his feet in the mornings and although we could normally assist him we could see on his final day that he had no fight left. It still breaks my heart, he was such a precious soul and we were truly blessed to have him in our lives for the last twelve years. He is buried at the top of the paddock as we made him a promise that he would never leave. The other donkeys all came to say goodbye before he was buried and Holly who he adored has been like a youngster since he went. I think she slowed her pace down for him and they would amble around together but now she causes all kinds of donkey antics and they can regularly be seen hurtling around the field with her in the lead!

Dare we hope that things are returning to a form of normality? Can any of us even believe that the last eighteen months have happened? What an experience to have lived through, a lot of negativity but also a lot of positivity which really showed the resilience and kindness of the human race.

Really looking forward to meeting all the new cats who are due in next month and to giving all the old favourites a big cuddle on their return.

I must go, I have a full hotel of beautiful guest who are demanding my attention – and I couldn’t be happier to be writing that!

Good health and happiness to you all,

Jackie xx

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