September over – Autumn arrives

September over – Autumn arrives

September 30, 2016
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Well, it would appear today that Autumn has arrived. The shorts have been packed away until next year and the jumpers are making an appearance. It has been a fantastic summer at Hotel Cat and we are busy tidying up the outside buildings ready for the winter. The hedges are being cut next week and we are planting new trees around the gardens.

We have had a very busy September with lots of familiar faces coming to stay. It’s funny how the cats know which suite is theirs and how they settle straight back in. We now have the heating back on and the suites are toasty warm in the mornings. We have Enzo and Aston the British Blues staying with us at the moment and Enzo loves to snuggle up under his duvet, you would think he would be too hot, but he loves to snuggle. We also have Ronnie and Reggie the Silver Tabbies, Poppy and Tabitha the Bengals and Florence and Ravello the Silver Tabbies have just gone home. I love the imaginative names, we have always been hopeless at trying to think of a name which is different. We had two cats called Neko in last week in opposite suites, apparently Neko means cat in Japanese, you learn something new everyday!

The donkeys are all really well and just adorable. Their newly refurbished winter accommodation, which is right outside the cats suites, is finished. They now have a concrete base, which will be far easier to keep clean and will help their feet. They are desperate to break into the barn with their winter hay and try daily to find a new way in! They are frequently found now in the paddock by the drive, patiently waiting for someone to give them the fallen apples off the trees.

We have a busy month coming up in October, but we ease down in November, our first month when we have not been fully booked weeks in advance! Bookings are flying in for 2017 and we even have a couple in for 2018 – it also looks like Christmas 2017/2018 is already full…….!

Must go, I have a hotel full of gorgeous guests to entertain, it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

Jackie xx

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