September at Hotel Cat

September at Hotel Cat

September 7, 2017
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I can’t believe that summer is over and that autumn has appeared so quickly this year. Fortunately we are all prepared for winter with plenty of hay and straw supplies in our barn. The new lights up the driveway are getting plenty of use now that the evenings are drawing in, with the added bonus that they are very pretty!

August was another really busy month, filled with the most wonderful guests, both old and new. We even had two families drop their cats off on the same day and collect them 10 days later as they both went on the same cruise out of Southampton. Both of the families had booked the Royal Mews , so the cats had adjoining suites, but they didn’t know each other at all, talk about coincidence! September and October are incredibly busy months and even November is nearly full up which is fantastic.

The donkeys are really well and live in hope that someone will give them one of the many apples that are under the trees. We gather them up in a bucket each day and the donkeys form a line along the fence waiting for them! Holly made us laugh this week when she came in the garden for her feed, I had left her out there and popped indoors and two minutes later she was in the kitchen raiding the fruit bowl! If there is a melon in there she can smell it from outside – all the donkeys adore melon and we always save them the skins, but I think she decided she wanted the whole thing instead!

We have nearly finished renovating the house now and the new stair and landing carpet is going down as I write. We will then start work on the outside and Tim is desperate for the old garage to be replaced as it is past it’s best. I had a lovely phone call from one of the family who used to live here recently and she told me lots of bits about the farm and how much it was loved by them all. She also sent old photos of the original house which was on the site and it is so lovely to have all the information about the farms past. Everyone who comes here loves it as it is a very happy, peaceful place and I’m sure that is because it has always been so well loved.

Right, I had better go and see my lovely guests, they always want to know where I have been and I shall have a lovely afternoon entertaining them.

Jackie xx

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