November Over

November Over

November 30, 2016
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Why do winter months always last longer than summer months?! We have had a quieter month, which has allowed us to decorate some of the suites and have a good tidy up in the gardens. Our first Christmas cat arrived last week and we have three more arriving over the next week. Our Christmas tree is now up and all the cats presents are wrapped up underneath. We have such fun putting the tree up and trying to wrap as the cats always ‘help’! One of our guests, ‘Ally’ managed to put claw marks down a whole roll of wrapping paper and every time I would lay it out he would throw himself in it!! We have some amazing guest staying at the moment and it is so lovely to see how warm and relaxed they are. When I go in first thing the heating is so warm and the cats are always so comfortable, I am so proud of how well the hotel works for the cats as playing with them in their suites is what keeps them and us happy. We love being with the cats throughout the day and they never get put to bed before 9pm. Their heating is on 24 hrs and we always leave them with a night light once the main lights are off.

The donkeys are all well and we have a new arrival! Her name is Misty and she is nearly 3. Her previous owner wanted to find a permanent home for her and a mutual friend put her in touch with us. She arrived three weeks ago and after some additional problems, with her adjusting to living in a group, she is settling in well. She is a white donkey like Charlie and they look incredibly cute together! The donkeys, sheep and goats love their new barn and spend most of their time in there, much to the delight of the cats who find them highly amusing!

We have 12 new hens joining our family on Saturday. They are ex commercial birds, who once they reach a certain age are slaughtered due to their egg production dropping. Fortunately, there are fantastic groups around who find homes for these girls and we are very much looking forward to meeting ours. This is the third lot we have taken over the last 10 years and we highly recommend it as they are such characters. The cats love to watch the chickens and ducks and they are such peaceful birds to have around, we normally have eggs to give away in the spring so bring a tub if you would like any.

Bookings are coming in daily for next year. February, Easter and May are booking up fast at the moment, so if you need any dates held please let us know as soon as possible.

Please do not be offended by our second year of no Christmas cards, we have joined the ranks of giving the money to charity instead and have this year decided to support Freshstartforhens who found our girls for us.

I must get back up to my lovely guests. Wishing you all wonderful Christmas and may all your dreams come true.

Jackie xx



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