May – our favourite month at Hotel Cat

May – our favourite month at Hotel Cat

May 15, 2018
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We love May, it heralds the arrival of summer and everything looks wonderful here at the farm. We have baby birds galore and the bird feeders around the cattery are being filled at least twice a day to keep up with demand! The sheep have now had their thick winter coats removed and are much happier, they look very smart too.

The donkeys are busy shedding their coats and we often see the jackdaws sitting on their backs picking at the loose hairs. Yesterday whilst sat outside I saw a red kite fly over, it’s only the second time we have seen them around here and I do hope they are here to stay.

The cat hotel is really busy and filled with the most wonderful guests, I know I’m biased, but I do believe that we get the best cats staying with us. We have a pair of identical young ginger boys staying here at the moment. They are gangly with lean long bodies and must have purr switches everywhere as when you touch them they purr non stop! It’s lovely to see them so happy and I love watching their crazy antics – I find the outside rugs in all sorts of places where they practice their skidding moves! We also have our first Munchkin kitten, she too has settled straight in and is just gorgeous. We have made her steps so that she is able to climb up on the bed and cat trees. We have a busy summer ahead of us and can’t wait as it’s full of lots of our favourite guests.

Right, back up to play with the cats – enjoy the sunshine everyone 🙂

Jackie xx

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