June Begins at the Cat Hotel

June Begins at the Cat Hotel

June 4, 2017
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We had an exceptionally busy month in May and have been rushed off our feet – literally! The cat hotel is in full swing with lots of gorgeous guests staying. Most of the time the hotel is usually full with regular guests, who we know inside out, but every so often we have a new guest staying for the first time. This is a test for both them and us as we want them to settle, trust us and have a great time and they need to work out their new surroundings and servants! Thankfully everyone brings plenty of familiar bits from home to put around the suite to help their cats, we even had one cat who had his Dad’s slippers under his bed and photos on his shelf. It may sound amusing but these all carry familiar scents and this cat settled in almost immediately.

We have been having ground works done in May and now have lights all the way up the drive, in the chicken house and in the donkey barn. Our thoughtful electrician Andy even put a power socket by the fence so that we can have outside Christmas lights this year – perfect. We have been gradually replacing the older cat trees and have a couple of very popular new ones this month.

Holly and Charlie have now been given a larger paddock and they are much happier to be back with the others all the time. We are going to do some new permanent fencing next month so that we can keep their grazing restricted and keep their weight down. We are also thinking about training them to drive so that they can go and explore the lanes, I’m sure they will love this¬† – I’m not too sure what the locals will make of a couple of donkeys ambling around the lanes though!

Lets hope this glorious weather lasts all summer. Our hay is growing well and we have our family of deer who must be due to have their young soon. Once the hay is cut it is easier to spot them when they come out into the middle of the fields, we leave the sides and under the oak trees uncut so that they have plenty of cover. It is lovely to be out late evening and watch the wildlife start the nightly routine. We always have buzzards roosting in the oak trees and the owls and bats start to make an appearance just before 10pm.

Wishing you all a happy month of June,

Jackie x

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