Happy New Year from Hotel Cat

Happy New Year from Hotel Cat

January 11, 2018
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Wishing everyone a very Happy and Healthy 2018, I hope you all had a lovely,stress free Christmas and that all your cats are in perfect health.

Our Christmas with the cats was lovely, they were all regular visitors and they all enjoyed being thoroughly spoilt. I had my Mum staying so the cats had an extra lap which went down well. We are still really busy this month and our last Christmas guest goes home on Friday. Poppy has stayed for the last forty days and I shall miss her terribly. We have a lovely afternoon routine where her and I curl up on the bed with a book, she is such relaxing company and the perfect excuse for putting my feet up. Tim meanwhile entertains the more energetic guests and Poppy loves to watch the antics beside me. We have a number of cats who stay for long periods and I know their parents are always worried at first, but the cats settle in so well and we do spend an awful lot of time with them all throughout the day and evenings. It is lovely and warm in all the suites, the heating is set to a minimum of 21 degrees and is on 24 hours a day, we do not like the cold and neither do the cats!

The donkeys enjoyed being thoroughly spoilt over Christmas and even had their own Christmas tree outside their barn! I hope this year they will have a new barn, we are in the process of getting quotes now. I would like them to have heat lamps for when it gets cold, but Tim says that may be a step to far – plus he thinks Charlie would pull them all down as he does like to play with anything new! Could you imagine it though, all the donkeys stood under heat lamps on a frosty night, it makes me smile just to think of it!

Our old dog Kia was rushed to the vet last week and it turned out that she had a large growth in her abdomen. We were faced with the decision of whether to let her go or put her through an operation. She will be 12 in March so the decision was not easy, but we decided that we had to try. The vets removed the growth and her spleen. The growth was a kilo in weight and was infected, which is why she was so poorly. We were called back in on the Friday as she was not doing well, but she did eat a spoonful of food for us. We were then told on the Saturday that they didn’t think she would recover, but asked if we would like to take her home to spend the last couple of days with her. She then started to turn the corner and is now back to her old self, she even climbed on the sofa with me last night! We know everyday is a bonus and sometimes it takes something out of the blue for you to realise that we wont have our pet family forever, they are all so precious to us and I don’t think there is anything that we would not do for them.

We were back on television again last week which led to a flurry of new bookings. We are full for certain dates in Feb, May and September now. If you do have plans for this year the earlier we know the better.

Right, must go back and entertain. I have three Poppy’s in three different suites and they all have one thing in common, they LOVE fuss! Next time I write it will be February and Spring will be just around the corner, not long now……..

Jackie xx

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