Happy Halloween from Hotel Cat!

Happy Halloween from Hotel Cat!

October 12, 2017
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I am late writing the blog this month, I think the last month has flown and have no idea where the time has gone. September is always one of our busiest months and we have my Birthday at the end of the month and James our son’s Birthday is on the 1st October. This year was his 21st and we are very proud of the lovely young man he has become and he adores animals as much as Tim and I which is so lovely.

We have had mostly regular cats staying in September and they are all really settled and all lovely. The new cats who have/are staying are also  lovely, we are very lucky to have such wonderful and much loved guests. All the cats heating is now on 24hrs a day and it is toasty when I go in first thing in the morning. All the cats love the heating on and they tend to all be snuggled up on their beds first thing. Today is a lovely day and most of them have been using the garden rooms watching the antics of those naughty donkeys!

I had some exciting news this month, I have a ballot entry for the London marathon! As a number of you know I run regularly, I’m no world record beater, but I love it and I am a member of a great running club. This will be my first ever marathon and I have always said that London is the only one that I would like to take part in. As it is a ballot place I do not have to raise money for charity, but I think I should. I would like to try and help a smaller charity, maybe to try and raise money for a certain piece of equipment or an operation. If anyone has any good ideas please get in touch as it will help me focus on the months of training I have ahead.

All of our lovely animals are well. The donkeys all had their feet trimmed yesterday and they look very smart. The only one who was naughty was Arthur. The tiniest one of the lot of them, you would not believe how much of a monkey he was, yet he is so placid and loving when the farrier is not here! Doumy, our oldest cat is doing really well again. She started to refuse her thyroid pills after taking them for 16 months with no fuss at all. Unfortunately she is not the sort of cat who will have it popped in her mouth and we were fearing the worst, but our vets have just started giving the thyroid medication in syrup form. It should really be given orally, but as this is not an option we put it on her food twice daily and she is looking in great shape again. The chickens are looking a bit bedraggled as a few of them are moulting and there are feathers everywhere, they have also stopped laying eggs, hopefully they will start again in a few weeks, but it doesn’t matter if they don’t as we just love them and they keep the cats highly entertained.

Have a Happy Halloween everyone,

Jackie xx

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