February – here at last!

February – here at last!

February 5, 2018
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It is true that January is the slowest month of the year! At last we have the arrival of February which shows early signs of Spring. We have a row of very old Damson trees leading up to the cat hotel and they are already starting to shoot little green leaves. They are always the first trees to show and we love watching them daily for more growth.

January was another busy month, full of both regular and new guests. We tend to show a large number of people around the hotel in January who are booking for the first time. The diary is getting full quite quickly which is lovely to see.

I was reading one of my blog posts from February 2016 and it was then that our old cat Doumy was diagnosed with her tumour. I cannot believe that two years later we are still lucky enough to have her with us. She is almost 15 now and completely adored by us all, our children were only 3 & 6 when she arrived and they cannot remember a time without her. At mealtimes she will sit by their plates and wait for titbits, although she will refuse to touch it unless it is exactly the right size!

The donkeys are all well and are having a great game today as they get really playful when it is frosty outside. They spend approx. 20 hours of the day in the barn as they don’t approve of the wet fields. We rehomed 6 new chickens last month who were a bit freaked out by the donkeys at first, but they have settled down now and will often be found scratching around in the barn with them.

I must go back up and entertain our lovely guests, we have Sebastian the gorgeous silver tabby staying and he is very demanding of lots of love!

Jackie x

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