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November at the Cat Hotel

November 15, 2018
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It’s so beautiful outside at the moment that it’s hard to believe it’s Christmas next month. Normally I am really organised and have done most of my shopping, but what with the building works going on in the house I am way behind. I am hoping to start preparing for Christmas next week as (hopefully!) the builders will have finished. It has been a long few months and the cats and the hotel have been a godsend.

We have had another really busy year and start to quieten down from next week, Tim and I are even having a couple of days away in London which we are really looking forward to. We have had a couple of new guests staying this month and have had our first guest called Graham! What a great name and he is such a gorgeous boy who will flop down on your feet for a fuss, I really do love my guests.

The donkeys are all well and getting much thicker coats in readiness for the cold weather. They are spending far longer in their barn and wait in the warm for their daily digestive biscuits rather than coming down to the paddock where they can watch us through the windows – it’s a real guilt trip if you fancy a sneaky coffee before going out to see them!

The cat hotel is always lovely and warm as the heating is never turned off whilst a guest is in the room and it’s so relaxing to be with the cats. I have two pairs of young cats staying at the moment so I had better get back up to entertain them before they wake up the older guests!

Jackie xx

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