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Flaming June at Hotel Cat

June 27, 2018
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Wow what a fantastic summer we are having, it is bliss here on the farm and the grass hardly needs mowing which is great! The farm is a hive of activity with plenty of baby birds and rabbits for the cats to watch. Our resident squirrels are getting very fat as they are usually on the bird feeders and are so entertaining to watch. Our hay has been cut and is all stacked in the barn ready for winter and everything is very peaceful.

Last week we had to have our beloved girl Doumy put to sleep aged 15. She had become progressively frail and life was a struggle. Our lovely vet Ellen came to the house and Doumy slipped away very peacefully, she is buried under the apple trees so that we know she is always close. We miss her dreadfully, but know that we had her for two and a half years longer than the vets anticipated with all her health issues, she was certainly a fighter.

The cat hotel has been very busy with lots of regular guests, plus a few new faces. The hotel stays very cool when it is hot due to the amount of insulation, but the cats will always seek out the sunniest spot to lie in and bake! We keep a very close eye on everybody and make sure they don’t overdo it.

The vet has just been out and given the donkeys their regular dental treatment to make sure they can eat properly, this is usually an annual occurrence in the younger ones, but Cookie and Holly are done every three months due to their age. Farrier next week, we will never have much in the bank, but love this life so much.

We have a very hectic summer ahead, we only have one 10 day slot available between now and mid October, some of November is full, Christmas and New Year is full and the diary is filling up for next year. Please if you do have any dates you would like held the sooner we know the better.

Enjoy the sunshine 🙂

Jackie x 

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