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Mad March Weather!

March 2, 2018
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I never imagined that I would be writing in March whilst the snow fell outside the window! Our poor daffodils have disappeared under the snow and all signs of Spring have been put on hold.

The donkeys are very unimpressed, although they are all warm and dry. Cookie and Holly have their rugs on to help them keep warm as they are both older, but the younger ones are much more active and don’t like having their rugs put on at all. It is hard work making sure that all the outside animals have enough water as all the troughs and outside taps are frozen solid, so Tim and I take it in turns to walk up with a pair of watering cans every hour to top them up. The chickens have refused to come out of their barn for the last two days, they have never seen snow before and are not happy! Still, I’m sure by next week this weather will be a distant memory and Spring will arrive.

Our guests are all warm and snug in their suites. The heating is so effective and it is lovely to see them all so happy. We have an elderly Siamese staying with us for a few weeks and he is a joy to be with as he loves to cuddle up on your lap. I think we all crave a lap cat but it is always on the cats terms not ours! We have a number of bookings coming in daily now and the diary is looking pretty full. There is no space at all left for May and September is almost full too, so if you do have any dates the sooner we know the better.

A quick reminder that our prices went up by £1 a day in January.

Right, I’m back up to entertain my lovely guests and then to settle down with a book and my lap cat friend  – as the song says ‘let it snow, let it snow, let it snow’!

Jackie x

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