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Summer madness at the Cat Hotel

August 5, 2017
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It doesn’t feel like we have stopped this month, there is always so much to do and never enough hours in the day! The weather here has turned into a normal British summer of sunshine and showers, we are all hoping for another heat wave before Autumn makes an appearance.

The Cat Hotel has been very busy and everyday is filled with gorgeous guests, love and laughter. We have a 7 month Siamese staying and she is the hotel comedienne. She loves making you laugh and is just so adorable – one day I would love a Siamese to join our family – until then I get to enjoy other people’s. I cannot believe how busy we are for the next few months, other than the odd couple of days we are full until the end of October. We had no idea how popular Hotel Cat would be and thank you all so much for supporting us. We adore what we do and are so very lucky to spend our lives with so many wonderful animals.

I have been to Ikea buying new beds and furniture this week, I even managed to build two of the units on my own! The cats adore ‘helping’ and making sure that the furniture is suitable for cats by balancing on it as it was being assembled! I am waiting to see if we can be suppliers for Kerbl cat furniture. We use it at Hotel Cat as it is so well designed and a bit different from other cat furniture on the internet. Hopefully we will be accepted.

The donkeys are all looking well and are enjoying all the fallen apples that they are given daily. They line up along the fence opposite the apple trees and start braying for someone to collect the fruit!

We are having a small price increase of £1 per cat per day from the 1st January. We have held our prices for the last two years, but our bills are going up and we do like to keep the cat radiators on 24 hours a day from September until May.

Enjoy your August and hopefully the sun will keep shining on you all.

Jackie x

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