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May’s Arrival at Hotel Cat

May 1, 2017
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May is always the start of summer for me. All of the oak trees are out in full leaf and our newly planted walnut tree is finally showing signs of green shoots. The grass has not really grown due to the lack of rain, but at least we haven’t had to mow!

April was a really busy month. Over the Easter period we had two large families of cats arrive, one of seven cats split between the Moulin Rouge and Beachcombers Suites and a family of six Turkish Angoras in the Royal Mews. It was a first stay for both families and they all settled in really well. We were able to send worried parents plenty of Watsapp videos to show the cats had settled and I know this really puts worried minds at rest. We also had a number of our lovely regular guests staying and I know that their calmness really helps the newcomers. At the moment we have all regular guests staying, including four beautiful Maine Coons and the ever popular Sebastian! Sebastian is very much loved in his new home where he has been for a year today. It is his Birthday on Wednesday and we are cooking him his favourite fish supper, plus he has a new toy from his Mum and Dad – that combined with cuddles and games will make him very happy.

Holly is coping extremely well with her restricted paddock and her foot pain has now gone. All the donkeys are shedding their coats and I spend at least an hour a day grooming them all. They adore any interaction and come running if they see me with the grooming brushes! Hopefully the sheep will be sheared this month, so they will be much more comfortable for the summer. Our busy chickens are laying plenty of lovely eggs and the newcomers are looking very healthy, the only trouble is they love coming indoors and it is quite common to see one walk past me as I’m doing paperwork!

We  have very limited space left now until October and Christmas has a long waiting list. If you do have any dates you are thinking of going away then the sooner we know the better. We have a number of bookings in already for 2018 and will hold dates for you if required.

We have a new electric line being put in this week. It means that we will have lights up the driveway and in the chicken and donkey barns, it will involve a lot of mess, but will be worth it come next winter. We are also updating the cat trees in the hotel and the new ones look very smart.

Must go as I have cats waiting to be groomed and entertained. Have a great month!

Jackie xx

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