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Happy Halloween!

October 28, 2016
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I cannot believe that we are just about to start November, the weather here has been fabulous and I am currently sat writing with the back door wide open as it’s so mild. We have had such a busy month and have been flat out with so much to do, having said that, Tim did manage to sneak across to Portugal for a weeks golf! We have had beautiful guests staying again this month, mostly regular guests, but also a few new faces. We have two brothers staying called Salt and Pepper who are the sweetest chaps and so very handsome! We had our little family of four who have been in many times and who stayed for a fortnight, they are all young and were so much fun. There is never a day when I don’t pinch myself about how lucky I am to spend my life with animals.

We have almost finished the inside of the house and it looks far better now than it did on the tv show! It has been hard to live in it whilst all the building works have been going on around us, but the end is now in sight. Next week we are decorating the cat hotel as it has worked so hard for the last two years and deserves some love back!

The donkeys are all really well and adore this weather, they are regularly found basking in the autumn sunshine. They also thoroughly approve of their new barn and it is far easier to keep them clean and dry with the concrete floor. Our little deer family are in the fields every evening and we can walk within 200ft of them whilst they just stand and watch us. I cannot express how that makes you feel, to know that a wild animal trusts you enough to let you get that close is an amazing feeling.

We have a quieter month coming up, then we are flat out again for Christmas. We have four families of cats staying for nearly two months, which means that January is half full already. If anyone has January dates please let us know soon to avoid disappointment. We are taking bookings for 2017 most days now and the bank holidays are now fully booked. We have even started our 2018 diary as we have bookings coming in that far in advance!

Right, back up to entertain and lavish love on my lovely guests,

Jackie x

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