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Summer at Hotel Cat

June 25, 2016
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Sweep the shorthaired Persian

Sweep on her favourite windowsill

Well, we are supposed to be enjoying summer, but it hasn’t been great so far has it?! Our hay fields are full and we are desperate for a dry spell so that we can start making the hay for the donkeys.

June has been another really busy month with plenty of lovely cats coming and going. At one stage we had four elderly cats in, they were all from different families, the youngest was fifteen and the oldest was twenty. Once these had gone home we had a number of young cats to stay and the variety of personality’s who come to stay is amazing. We had our first ever Sphynx kitten called Kermit who was a complete live wire and kept us all highly entertained, what a lovely breed. We also had two gorgeous Burmese kittens who were amazing and so affectionate. We have also had lots of our regular lovely guests staying and I love knowing all the cats so well and the way they settle straight into the hotel.

We have been taking the donkeys out on walks around the lanes lately and they always make people smile. We hope by next year they will be ready to start their therapy work and spread some joy around care homes and hospices. They are amazing creatures to spend time with, very similar to the cats in that they are very relaxing to be with and they adore a fuss.

Our new cats are settling in really well and I think our old cat Doumy has realised they are staying! She won’t let them go upstairs as that is her territory and she has a bed on the landing so that she can be on guard. Stella, the grey cat, has just started to go outside with us in the garden and she loves it, but Sweep, with her bad eye sight, prefers to live indoors and will go from room to room seeking the sunniest spot. It’s so lovely to have them and they are very happy.

Right, back up to see my lovely guests, I expect it is time for another game with Jax the energetic Bengal!


Stella the shorthaired Persian

Stella who adores jumping from top to top in the new kitchen!

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