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May Madness

May 30, 2016
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I have no idea where May went, if only January would go so fast! The farm looks absolutely wonderful at the moment. All of the oak trees are a deep green and we awash with young birds. Our hayfields are a haven for wildlife and are a lovely sanctuary for the baby pheasants and rabbits to play in.

We have had another really busy month and have had amazing guests. We currently have a family of eight cats who have just arrived, it’s always lovely to see how quickly they settle in and I am besotted with them all. Another amazing guest is our first Sphynx cat called Kermit – what a huge character he is, whenever I bend over to clean he is instantly on my back and he purrs like a train!

Our new Persian rehome girls are settling in with us indoors, although Doumy, our old cat is being incredibly bossy with them and they spend most of their time in or dining room. Hopefully with time they will all settle down as we do love them.

The donkeys are all loosing their winter coats and I think most of the birds in the lane have a nest made of donkey hair! Our pet sheep have just be shorn and are much happier without their huge winter coats.

We now have very limited space left for the summer and are now taking bookings from the 8th September onwards. Christmas is fully booked with a waiting list which is lovely as it is all of our favourites staying.

The sun is shining outside and there is plenty of cat sunbathing going on – I have the most perfect job in the world 🙂

Jackie x

The 'Boys' Percy, Stanley and Arthur off to entertain the cats!

The ‘Boys’ Percy, Stanley and Arthur off to entertain the cats!

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