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Spring arrives at Hotel Cat

March 15, 2016
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It’s lovely to say that Spring has finally arrived as winter seemed to go on and on. The birds are nesting in the boxes outside the cat windows and are emptying the feeders as quickly as we can fill them. I love this time of year as everything is so fresh and positive and we have a great year to look forward to. We are filling up quickly now for the summer, with both old and new guests coming to stay. Easter is fully booked with a lovely bunch of cats who are going to be very indulged with lots of treats, toys and a home cooked Easter Day lunch menu consisting of salmon, turkey and prawns – I think I am going to be very popular that day!

Our new cat climbing units are being well used and the cats love them, they certainly look very smart in the Royal Mews suites. We have the gorgeous kitten Gibbs staying for a couple of weeks whilst his Mum is in hospital, he is adorable and his antics keep all the other cats highly entertained – he certainly loves to play. We had our first pair of pure bred Norwegian Forest cats in for a couple of weeks last month and I have to say I am in love with the breed. They were incredibly loving and so laid back, we really did enjoy their company, hopefully we will have more coming to stay.

Our cat Doumy is (touch wood) doing really well and is currently say next to me in the sunshine. Arthur the donkey is joining the family at the end of this week and we are all really looking forward to his arrival.

I must go there are cats to be entertained!

Jackie x

Gorgeous Bailey the Norwegian Forest Cat staying at Hotel Cat luxury cattery Hampshire

Gorgeous Magnus the Norwegian Forest Cat staying at Hotel Cat luxury cattery Hampshire

Daisy March 2016 320

The equally gorgeous Magnus the Norwegian Forest Cat

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