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February at Hotel Cat

February 19, 2016
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A late update this month as we have been so busy! It has been another fantastic month with lots of old and new guests coming to stay. We have had some beautiful kittens, who always make us broody and also our oldest guest, Treacle, who at 19 loves his fuss and to sit and watch the wildlife outside. He has to have tablets twice daily, but eats them wrapped in ham with no problems and looks amazing for his age. We also had our regular diabetic guest Silky, he too is a teenager and has a special place in our hearts. To be honest, we love all the cats who come to stay and because they are so loved at home  they thrive on the affection here. The hardest part is when they go home, especially if they have been here for a while as they become part of the family.

Unfortunately our own darling cat Doumy, has been ill recently. She was diagnosed with a thyroid tumour at the beginning of January, but was responding well to her treatment when she suddenly went downhill two weeks ago. After undergoing more tests, x-rays and a scan the vets found a huge tumour in her abdomen which they cannot remove. She is still with us at the moment and we are taking a day at a time and boy is she being spoilt! I think we are all a little guilty of  taking our much loved pets for granted, just assuming that they will be here for years. We thought that our precious girl would be here for many more years as she is only 13, still, at least she has always known how much we love her – even when she sits on my bedside table and ‘chirps’ for her breakfast at 4 am!

On a happier note our new baby donkey will be joining the family next month. His name is Arthur and he is a miniature like Percy. We think the three boys will be up to all sorts of mischief and can’t wait for him to arrive. The donkeys keep the cats highly entertained during the day and love to play chase around the hotel – the only downside being that I cannot keep plants for long in the tubs outside – a small price to pay I keep telling Tim!

We are all looking forward to some warmer and drier weather and longer evenings, winter seems to have gone on a long time this year. At least the cats have all been toasty warm in their suites, it is always T-shirt weather in the hotel!

Thanks for reading,

Jackie x

Doumy, our beautiful girl

Doumy, our beautiful girl

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