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Beautiful guests at Hotel Cat in November

November 23, 2015
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We have had such a busy month again, I did think November would be quieter, but we have had plenty of lovely guests to wait on. We have two huge Maine Coons staying with us at the moment and although they are a big breed, one of them, Boris, is absolutely huge. We ordered an extra large cat tree for him, so that he could stretch out and watch out the windows and he loves it. Alfie, his slightly smaller brother is the adventurer and loves watching the crazy baby donkeys running around outside the hotel. During the day we let the two donkeys play in the gardens which surround the hotel and all the cats are fascinated by them.

We have 6 new hens who have come to us as a retirement home. They are lovely old girls and can rest out their days here and keep the cats entertained, they are also great for clearing up any leftovers from the cat hotel – nothing is wasted here!

I love being in the hotel with the cats, it is so warm up there and I love seeing the cats so snuggled at bedtime. We also had this lovely email come in from a local family;

We wanted to thank you so much for looking after Marmite and George . For us going on holiday knowing that they were being left in such a lovely environment with the best care meant so much. From our very first viewing of Hotelcat we were bowled over, it offers everything, from spacious well thought out spotlessly clean accommodation with superb cat friendly furniture, we loved the human beds!!  and beautiful décor, the large windows where birds can be viewed safely as they feed from the feeders and chickens which roam free just outside! Cats equivalent to Sky TV 24/7. Absolutely great.

It was quite apparent both cats were quite at home when we came to collect them after our holiday. It made us smile that George was initially oblivious to our return as he was contently brushing around your legs, a sure sign he was one happy confident cat, wanting to play again with one of your many great toys, whilst Marmite was loving her comfy bed all to herself.

Thank you Jackie for starting Hotelcat, your passion and love for cats is very evident and we feel very privileged to have found you. Marmite and George second that too!

We love getting feedback like this as we really do love what we do and love the fact that others feel confident to leave their precious cats with us. All of our guests are family members and totally adored and we understand all the concerns that people have about leaving their cats as all of our animals are so precious to us.

The Christmas tree goes up on the 1st Dec, I can’t wait! All of the cats presents are already wrapped and waiting to go underneath, I wonder who will be first to climb the tree? Watch this space for photos!

Thanks for reading,

Jackie xx

Boris and Alfie the magnificent Maine Coons

  Boris and Alfie the magnificent Maine Coons


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