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October at the Cat Hotel

October 23, 2015
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What a lovely month October is, the colour of the trees here in the New Forest are stunning and I adore Autumn. The cats are all warm and snug in the cat hotel. The heating is now on and stays on 24hrs a day now until Spring brings warmer weather.

We have had another really busy month, with another lot of beautiful cats, some who have stayed before and a few new ones. It’s really lovely to have such a lot of repeat customers as the cats know us so well and we treat them as our own whilst they are here. We also love meeting the new cats who come to stay, this month we had a darling boy called Gus. Gus has a gastric problem and is often sick, because of this he has to have numerous small meals throughout the day. This is not a problem as we are with the cats right through until at least 9pm at night and Gus settled in really well. We have also been extremely lucky to have two kittens staying this month. Kittens are definitely a perk of the ‘job’! The first one was Callie a 20 week old British Exotic who is just adorable and the second one is Charlie, our first Scottish Fold who is 16 weeks. They adore all the fuss and games that is lavished on them and it is so heart warming to see them so content.

We have had three families of Bengals stay this month, Tabitha and Poppy who have stayed before, new faces Tig and Ted and another new boy Jax. Poppy and Tabitha are beautiful girls with stunning markings and settled back into the hotel straight away. Tig and Ted are 11 month old Toygers and were hilarious and so mischievous, their antics kept us so amused and we hope they enjoyed staying as much as we enjoyed having them. The last one is Jax and 8 month old ‘lad’. He was again so full of character and such a joy to be around with his enthusiasm for everything. When his Mum and Dad arrived to collect him he was tearing around with excitement as he wanted to show them everything he had been up to – I just adore them all. This week we have four different families of Persians, so the hotel has a much calmer feel! It’s funny how it changes, one week nearly every cat is black and white, another week all tabby, the next all pedigree, it’s so interesting and fascinating to be around the different breeds and characters.

We genuinely adore looking after the cats and we are so glad that we kept the cat hotel so small. Having just the seven rooms means that we know every cat inside out and they know us so well too. We never wanted to build an empire that was run by staff, I love that when I get a phone call asking how a certain cat has settled, I can answer knowing exactly how they are as it is me who has been with them. I also love the fact that worried parents can ask me questions that may seem over the top to some people. I am so over the top with my four legged friends, be they cats, dogs, donkeys etc. that I totally understand peoples concerns when it comes to their animals.

We have another busy month coming up in November and I am really looking forward to seeing a lot of familiar faces coming back to stay. Must go now as my guests will be waiting for their mid morning entertainment to start!

Jackie x


Jax and the chicken!

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