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A beautiful summer and happy cats

August 3, 2015
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We are very fortunate to be living in one of the most beautiful parts of England. We adore the New Forest and it is lovely to see all the young foals chasing each other around. The weather this year has been kind, the rain always seems to start north of us and we do seem to have more than our fair share of sunshine, which keeps both us and the cats happy.

We continue to have the most amazing cats coming to stay and we love them all as they are so individual. The family of Australian Mists are currently staying and are one of the most chilled out breeds we have met. We had our first Persian Chinchilla who was such a sweet girl, who fortunately loved to be groomed and had such an amazing coat. We also have Milo the stunning Bengal cat, he has stayed once before and we adore him. He loves a game and also gives kisses which is the sweetest thing. It’s funny how each week changes, one week we had seven Silver Tabbies staying, the next week we had seven black and whites. I think the best thing about running a cat hotel is meeting all the guests and seeing how well they settle. I have another golden oldie coming back to stay for a month in August. Freddie has stayed with us before and is a real gentleman, the older ones just like us to go and sit with them and chat, occasionally they will play, but most of all they just want company. We have had lots of long term guests and it’s amazing how quickly they settle in. It’s always important that they have plenty of familiar thing from home in their suite, as this is very reassuring to a cat in an unfamiliar surrounding.

We are always more than happy to show you around before you book and will hold the suite for you until you have visited. We do ask for appointments as we keep the bottom gate locked and do not know you are there when we are with the cats.

Bengal Cat Hotel

Milo the amazing Bengal cat who has the most stunning markings.

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