January 3, 2015
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Happy New Year from Hotel Cat!

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, spent with the most adorable cats who came to stay. The only sad bit is when they go home as we all miss them so much. The cats all loved their individual Christmas presents from Santa Paws & Mrs Claws and all tucked in to their Christmas dinner of turkey, chicken and salmon.

Now 2015 is upon us we have a variety of new guests coming to stay. We love meeting the different cats, from the exotic to the everyday cat, they are all so unique and fascinating. It is lovely when parents turn up with bagful’s of things from home to help the cats settle, there is plenty of room in the suites and the more familiar things the cats have in their suites the nicer it is for them.

We have had so publicity from the press and have been asked to speak on a couple of radio stations including Today FM in Dublin

If you are thinking of leaving your precious cat/s with us in our hotel and have any concerns about how they will settle, please call us for an informal chat or alternatively come and see us and we will be more than happy to show you around at a convenient time to suit yourselves.

Lovely Lily the stunning Ragdoll

Lovely Lily the stunning Ragdoll

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