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March 16, 2015
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We have had such lovely reviews left for us since we opened. Some are left on Facebook, whilst others are sent to us by email. This one really made my day and sums up totally why we built Hotel Cat;

‘Hello Jackie
Just a quick note to say a hundred million thanks for looking after Poppy so brilliantly.
In the past when we have brought her home from a Cattery she has stuck to us like glue, always in the same room as us and craving fuss and knees and never having been groomed, despite promises to do so.
Yesterday when we got her home she was miss independent, she had a good look around and had brief knee visits and fuss and was in no way disturbed by her stay away from home. She is calm and happy.
We can tell that she has actually really enjoyed her stay with you and she sees it as a second home, with second ” mum and dad” to meet her needs.
She is very fluffy and thanks you for helping her to take care of the huge fur coat she wears.
Words cannot express our relief in finding you, we are so confident now to book trips away without them being overshadowed by the guilt of leaving Poppy somewhere as totally alien as a normal Cattery .
Our only real fear now is that by next year you will be so full that we won’t be able to secure a booking for Pops, we KNOW that will be the case and that you will be turning bookings away before you know it.
So we are going to plan our trips well in advance!!’

We love looking after all the cats who come to stay and having just the seven suites is perfect as it enables us to spend real quality time with them all. We are taking bookings daily and have a real variety booked to stay throughout the year. One breed I am really looking forward to meeting is our first family of Australian Mist cats – especially as one is a kitten!

 Beautiful Poppy

Beautiful Poppy

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