January end

January 31, 2017
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January is always the longest and slowest month, although this year we have been exceptionally busy which has helped to speed things up. We have had a number of guests staying for between 1-3 months and it has been lovely having them for so long.  We had three separate families of Bengals staying last week, seven of them in total – definitely a walk on the wild side, well, colour wise they look wild, but their personalities are totally soft and exceptionally playful!

We loved the cold weather as the cat hotel is always so warm, but we are not enjoying this rain. It makes looking after the outside animals hard work, still, they are worth the slog as they are all so loving. I have a seat in the donkey barn and they love it when I go and sit with them all each day. Our oldest donkey had to see the vet this month as his teeth were playing up, he is ok now but will need further work done in 12 weeks. Unfortunately our oldest sheep is struggling with her arthritis, the vet looked at her and said the time is coming to let her go as her mobility is limited. She is on pain relief and stays in the barn, where all the others look after her. If all the donkeys and our other two sheep go out to the field you will always see one of them stay behind to keep her company. They have always lived together with us as a family group and they are very close, I have a lovely photo of Polly as a young sheep meeting Charlie the new born donkey taken 10 years ago.

Our diary for 2017 is very booked up, mostly with our lovely regular guests who book their stays early, but also with  a number of new guests to meet which is always lovely. We have a quieter month coming up in March, so we have decided to have a weekend away, goodness knows if it will happen, but fingers crossed!

Sid the cat checking that there are no more lambs under the bed!

Sid the cat checking that there are no more lambs under the bed!

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