January 30, 2015
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Well January is nearly over at Hotel Cat and we are convincing ourselves that signs of Spring are all around! We have had a very busy month and met a delightful number of cats. The one thing that really is apparent is how well they have all settled in. We have had a couple of very shy cats stay, but due to the fact that they have plenty of places to watch us from and get to know us, we have become part of their world very quickly. The feeling you get when you are best friends with a cat who didn’t want to know you 24 hours earlier is fantastic and a big part of why we created Hotel Cat.
We have a virtually full diary for February and are really looking forward to meeting all our new guests. They range from four month old kittens right up to a 16 year old gentleman who loves to lay on a chair and watch the chickens from his window.
The donkeys are very much looking forward to Spring arriving as they miss sunbathing! Basil has stayed really well as the winter has been relatively mild and his arthritis has been kept at bay.
We have been in talks with a couple of TV production companies who are putting cat themed shows together. I’m sure that we have a number of guests who would pose for the camera the minute it was pointed at them!
As ever, if you are thinking of leaving your precious cats and would like to come and have a look around or luxury cattery, then we would be delighted to meet you.
royal mews cat hotel suite

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January 3, 2015
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Happy New Year from Hotel Cat!

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, spent with the most adorable cats who came to stay. The only sad bit is when they go home as we all miss them so much. The cats all loved their individual Christmas presents from Santa Paws & Mrs Claws and all tucked in to their Christmas dinner of turkey, chicken and salmon.

Now 2015 is upon us we have a variety of new guests coming to stay. We love meeting the different cats, from the exotic to the everyday cat, they are all so unique and fascinating. It is lovely when parents turn up with bagful’s of things from home to help the cats settle, there is plenty of room in the suites and the more familiar things the cats have in their suites the nicer it is for them.

We have had so publicity from the press and have been asked to speak on a couple of radio stations including Today FM in Dublin

If you are thinking of leaving your precious cat/s with us in our hotel and have any concerns about how they will settle, please call us for an informal chat or alternatively come and see us and we will be more than happy to show you around at a convenient time to suit yourselves.

Lovely Lily the stunning Ragdoll

Lovely Lily the stunning Ragdoll

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December 18, 2014
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We were thrilled to be asked to be involved with the company Fish4Cats. Many of you will know all about their well known brand Fish4Dogs, which is a very popular premium natural food. Well, they have recently launched Fish4Cats alongside. We have trialled Fish4Cats on our own cats and on a number of our guests too. They have all, without exception, loved it. The complete kibble is crunchy and smells lovely and the fish mousse is gone as soon as it is put down.

The complete food contains high fish levels -65% fish content and is obviously extremely good for your cats coat and general condition. With added algae ‚Äď a rich and sustainable source of Omega 3, added Cranberries and ideally balanced amino acid and mineral profile of fish to aid with urinary tract infection.

From now on each of our guests will be given a complimentary bag with both kibble and two pouches of the mousse to try. Have a look on their website for more information

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December 13, 2014
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Christmas and the Daily Mail at Hotel Cat

We have been very busy in the last couple of weeks. The Daily Mail came down for the day and wrote another lovely review of us in the newspaper.
We have had numerous other journalists visit and the publicity has been fantastic, we already have bookings for Christmas 2015!

The Cat Hotel is looking very festive and our large sparkling Christmas tree has a huge box of gifts underneath ready to be distributed on Christmas morning. I think we are all more excited about our guests presents than our own and each one has been carefully selected to suit the individual personality of each cat. We have a wonderful selection of guests and will post photos on our gallery in the New Year.

The majority of our guests have never stayed away from home before and understandably their parents are always anxious about how they will cope. The truth is that every cat who has stayed so far has settled in really well. We do ask that you bring plenty of familiar bits from home to leave in their suites and all of the cats relax into their new surroundings very quickly. It is important to remember that we are with your cats all day at their calling. They have an awful lot of one to one time throughout the day and late into the evening.

I have posted a couple of photos of brother and sister, Florence and Ravello. Their Mum and Dad were very worried about how they would cope here and whether they would eat. The truth is they are very relaxed, eating well and adore watching all the animals wandering outside their window. Ravello also loves to watch Lion King on the television, he is so funny and always jumps on the table when I switch it on, it’s quite apt seeing as how his parents have gone on safari! IMG_3242


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November 26, 2014
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We’re in the news!

Wow, what a week. Our little hotel for cats has suddenly gone viral and we have been featured in the national press here and also in many other countries. Tomorrow I am doing a telephone interview with a newspaper in Sweden and also one in America. You can read the articles here;

We are all looking forward to the lovely guests who are booked in for Christmas stays, we have a lovely bunch coming to stay and are busy choosing presents to suit their individual personalities. Our Christmas tree is going up at the weekend and all our guests have presents with their names on to go underneath. I think we are all more excited about their presents than our own!

We adore looking after your cats and it is so satisfying to see them all so relaxed and happy. We had our oldest guest to stay this week. Freddie is 17 and just such a lovely boy who loves company and to be stroked until he falls asleep. We are always greeted with nose bumps and purrs from all of our guests and get to enjoy hours of cuddles and games every day – it’s just purrfect ūüôāIMG_2791

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November 6, 2014
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Cat World Magazine feature

With winter now showing it’s head the cats are being kept well entertained by all the birds on the feeders. Our trees are fast losing their leaves and the chickens are having great fun scrabbling around under the leaves for bugs.

The cats are all lovely and warm in their suites and it is so lovely to see them all happy and content, it’s what we wanted to achieve and is so fulfilling. We have had some beautiful and very entertaining guests coming in, each one unique as all cats are. Frankie & Vinnie the gorgeous British Blue’s have had their second stay and kept us busy as their personal¬†entertainers during their holiday. The other firm favourite past time of all of our guests is spider hunting! The spiders come into the garden rooms in search of somewhere warm and dry and become prey, poor things, but cats will be cats!

We were also very fortunate this month to have a two page write up in Cat World magazine, it is on page 30 and can be read here Our hotel is now starting to book up quickly and everyone who comes to see it is very complimentary which is lovely.

We always love showing people around, so even if you do not yet have a trip planned, you are very welcome to come in and meet us – and if you want to make friends with the donkeys, sheep and goats then remember they love digestive biscuits!

Adorable British Blue 'Vinnie'

Adorable British Blue ‘Vinnie’

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September 24, 2014
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Autumn on it’s way

Autumn has been showing signs of it’s approach this week, the leaves are starting to turn on the trees around the cattery and the nights are chillier. The cats are lovely and warm in their bedrooms at night and can sunbathe during the day in their garden rooms.

I thought I would introduce you to our lovely pet donkeys over the next few weeks. The first one is Basil, or to give him his full name, Basil Faulty the Wonky Donkey! Basil came over to England in January 2008 from Portugal. A local charity was organising the rehoming of a number of donkeys from a rescue centre over there that was closing due to the couple who ran it becoming too ill to continue. Basil was not in the rescue centre, but the lady who was organising it found him collapsed at the side of the road, with men beating him to make him stand. They only stopped after she offered a large sum of money for him and so he joined the others on the long journey back to England.

When he arrived to us he had collapsed and it took six of us to half carry him over to his new stable, we also rehomed another donkey called Cookie who was in a better state. We rugged Basil up and he recovered slowly over the next two weeks and our other two donkeys Holly and Charlie were very excited to meet him. He was terribly thin and covered in sores and burns. He has a huge lump of bone sticking out the side of his jaw which must of been so painful when he was wearing tack, goodness knows how it happened in the first place. Our vet did months of remedial work on his teeth, they had never been rasped and were making his gums bleed every time he ate. They x-rayed his mouth and estimated him to be between 30-35 years old (donkeys can live until they are 50).

Basil is a cantankerous old man and when he has had enough fuss he will generally bite you! We know this and can read the signs! He also chooses when he will have his feet trimmed and the farriers know better than to try if he is in a mood! Having said that, after what he has had to endure, who can blame him? We love seeing him having a lovely retirement and from not expecting him to live through the night on that cold January evening that he arrived, to still having him almost six years later seems like a miracle. The photo was taken 23rd September 2014 and although he is bonier than last year he is still very well in himself and very much loved.

Basil the donkey

Basil the donkey

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August 25, 2014
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Beautiful summer at Hotel Cat



It has been a wonderful first summer for us all. We have finished our fabulous Cat Hotel and the feedback has been over-whelming. Our cats, Nou, Doumy and Sid think it is a great place and have really helped in choosing the best toys, cat trees and cosy furniture. We only moved to the New Forest in October 2013 and have been really busy since we arrived. Hotel Cat used to be a barn, it has now been completely changed and is totally unrecognizable. We have 20 acres of the most beautiful land and want to farm it ethically as we are totally against killing anything. Our egg business is going really well, we rehome hens and they stay with us for life – our oldest girls are nearly seven years old and still lay occasionally. They all free range which gives the eggs a lovely flavour, you will see them on the approach to the hotel as they wander where they like! They are also very friendly as they get plenty of titbits during the day, their favourite is digestive biscuits! We cut hay off of our fields this year, we left wide strips un cut under the trees and hedges as we have resident deer. The female deer had two beautiful babies this year and we are lucky enough to see them everyday. We are delighted with our new lifestyle and the cats think the farm is a great place too. Nou, our Ragdoll who thinks she is a dog walks round the farm with us twice a day, we call her the supervisor and she takes her role very seriously. Next year we are hoping to plant lavender in one of our fields and we are in talks with various groups who would like to help scythe the hay by hand and plant new hedges, there are interesting times ahead.

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July 30, 2014
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Our first guest was a beautiful Burmese called Tallulah – what a fantastic start to the cat hotel. Tallulah is a much loved house cat and adored all the fuss, games and love she received here as she was so used to being entertained by her lovely family at home. We do not have staff, Hotel Cat is a family concern as we all adore animals. James (nearly 18) and Lucy (nearly 16) would be up with her all day if I let them (I had to get my cuddles in with her before they took over!) – suffice to say they now want a Burmese………

Tallulah meeting Uncle Tim for the first time!

Tallulah meeting Uncle Tim for the first time!

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July 16, 2014
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The Latest from Nou the Cat

We love all animals here at Hotel Cat and have been fortunate to be able to offer a home to many unwanted ones. Your cat will be able to see our four gorgeous donkeys, three lovely sheep, two very naughty goats (!) and our many chickens and ducks who roam freely around outside.

If there is an animal or bird in need of a home we will always offer a home if we can. Our newest arrivals are 19 ex caged hens who arrived in June through the British hen welfare trust ( .

They were a little shell-shocked and wary of the big outdoors, but I have been showing them around the place and I’m rather enjoying my new job as ‘Mother Hen’….

They are a gorgeous bunch of girls and are so inquisitive. It has been very rewarding to see their confidence grow and the once scared girls now thrive on scratching in the grass, dust bathing and laying in the sunshine, all the things which were denied to them before. If you ever have any leftovers when you are dropping off your cat they love most things, especially biscuits and pastry!

They also¬†¬†keep our guests entertained, provide lovely eggs for the humans, and spend many happy days in our beautiful gardens. It’s all rather splendid.

Make sure to check back soon as I’ll be reporting on our latest feline guests in the coming months.

Best whiskers!

Nou the Cat

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