January 1, 2017
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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone, may all your hopes and dreams come true in 2017. We have had an extremely busy Christmas, but it was hugely enjoyable due to having such lovely guests to stay. They all had a stocking to open on Christmas morning and then the three Bengals had a great game of ‘who can climb the Christmas tree fastest’!! We are already fully booked for next Christmas with all of our lovely favourites coming to stay.

The donkeys have been such stars over Christmas. Percy accompanied me on a fancy dress morning held at our running club. Our group won first prize as a nativity scene complete with real donkey and Percy was the star of the show. We have started training him and he loves learning new tricks, he waits for me at the gate each day so that he can come out and perform! Our new donkey Misty has settled in well and is always with Charlie, he still pretends he doesn’t like her when I am there, but goes looking for her when he can’t see her.

We rehomed 12 ex commercial birds in early Dec and they are delightful. They are so confident already and will march straight into the house if we leave the door open. The cats adore watching them during the day as they are such entertaining birds.

Our diary is filling up quickly for the year ahead, for some dates in February we are already full. If you have any dates you would like held please let us know soon as this looks like a very busy year. We would like to thank everyone for using us in 2016, we adore all of your cats and feel very privileged to be able to care for them all.

I must go, I have a cat called Harmony who insists that I sit and read with her in the afternoon…….

Jackie xx

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November 30, 2016
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November Over

Why do winter months always last longer than summer months?! We have had a quieter month, which has allowed us to decorate some of the suites and have a good tidy up in the gardens. Our first Christmas cat arrived last week and we have three more arriving over the next week. Our Christmas tree is now up and all the cats presents are wrapped up underneath. We have such fun putting the tree up and trying to wrap as the cats always ‘help’! One of our guests, ‘Ally’ managed to put claw marks down a whole roll of wrapping paper and every time I would lay it out he would throw himself in it!! We have some amazing guest staying at the moment and it is so lovely to see how warm and relaxed they are. When I go in first thing the heating is so warm and the cats are always so comfortable, I am so proud of how well the hotel works for the cats as playing with them in their suites is what keeps them and us happy. We love being with the cats throughout the day and they never get put to bed before 9pm. Their heating is on 24 hrs and we always leave them with a night light once the main lights are off.

The donkeys are all well and we have a new arrival! Her name is Misty and she is nearly 3. Her previous owner wanted to find a permanent home for her and a mutual friend put her in touch with us. She arrived three weeks ago and after some additional problems, with her adjusting to living in a group, she is settling in well. She is a white donkey like Charlie and they look incredibly cute together! The donkeys, sheep and goats love their new barn and spend most of their time in there, much to the delight of the cats who find them highly amusing!

We have 12 new hens joining our family on Saturday. They are ex commercial birds, who once they reach a certain age are slaughtered due to their egg production dropping. Fortunately, there are fantastic groups around who find homes for these girls and we are very much looking forward to meeting ours. This is the third lot we have taken over the last 10 years and we highly recommend it as they are such characters. The cats love to watch the chickens and ducks and they are such peaceful birds to have around, we normally have eggs to give away in the spring so bring a tub if you would like any.

Bookings are coming in daily for next year. February, Easter and May are booking up fast at the moment, so if you need any dates held please let us know as soon as possible.

Please do not be offended by our second year of no Christmas cards, we have joined the ranks of giving the money to charity instead and have this year decided to support Freshstartforhens who found our girls for us.

I must get back up to my lovely guests. Wishing you all wonderful Christmas and may all your dreams come true.

Jackie xx



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October 28, 2016
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Happy Halloween!

I cannot believe that we are just about to start November, the weather here has been fabulous and I am currently sat writing with the back door wide open as it’s so mild. We have had such a busy month and have been flat out with so much to do, having said that, Tim did manage to sneak across to Portugal for a weeks golf! We have had beautiful guests staying again this month, mostly regular guests, but also a few new faces. We have two brothers staying called Salt and Pepper who are the sweetest chaps and so very handsome! We had our little family of four who have been in many times and who stayed for a fortnight, they are all young and were so much fun. There is never a day when I don’t pinch myself about how lucky I am to spend my life with animals.

We have almost finished the inside of the house and it looks far better now than it did on the tv show! It has been hard to live in it whilst all the building works have been going on around us, but the end is now in sight. Next week we are decorating the cat hotel as it has worked so hard for the last two years and deserves some love back!

The donkeys are all really well and adore this weather, they are regularly found basking in the autumn sunshine. They also thoroughly approve of their new barn and it is far easier to keep them clean and dry with the concrete floor. Our little deer family are in the fields every evening and we can walk within 200ft of them whilst they just stand and watch us. I cannot express how that makes you feel, to know that a wild animal trusts you enough to let you get that close is an amazing feeling.

We have a quieter month coming up, then we are flat out again for Christmas. We have four families of cats staying for nearly two months, which means that January is half full already. If anyone has January dates please let us know soon to avoid disappointment. We are taking bookings for 2017 most days now and the bank holidays are now fully booked. We have even started our 2018 diary as we have bookings coming in that far in advance!

Right, back up to entertain and lavish love on my lovely guests,

Jackie x

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September 30, 2016
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September over – Autumn arrives

Well, it would appear today that Autumn has arrived. The shorts have been packed away until next year and the jumpers are making an appearance. It has been a fantastic summer at Hotel Cat and we are busy tidying up the outside buildings ready for the winter. The hedges are being cut next week and we are planting new trees around the gardens.

We have had a very busy September with lots of familiar faces coming to stay. It’s funny how the cats know which suite is theirs and how they settle straight back in. We now have the heating back on and the suites are toasty warm in the mornings. We have Enzo and Aston the British Blues staying with us at the moment and Enzo loves to snuggle up under his duvet, you would think he would be too hot, but he loves to snuggle. We also have Ronnie and Reggie the Silver Tabbies, Poppy and Tabitha the Bengals and Florence and Ravello the Silver Tabbies have just gone home. I love the imaginative names, we have always been hopeless at trying to think of a name which is different. We had two cats called Neko in last week in opposite suites, apparently Neko means cat in Japanese, you learn something new everyday!

The donkeys are all really well and just adorable. Their newly refurbished winter accommodation, which is right outside the cats suites, is finished. They now have a concrete base, which will be far easier to keep clean and will help their feet. They are desperate to break into the barn with their winter hay and try daily to find a new way in! They are frequently found now in the paddock by the drive, patiently waiting for someone to give them the fallen apples off the trees.

We have a busy month coming up in October, but we ease down in November, our first month when we have not been fully booked weeks in advance! Bookings are flying in for 2017 and we even have a couple in for 2018 – it also looks like Christmas 2017/2018 is already full…….!

Must go, I have a hotel full of gorgeous guests to entertain, it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

Jackie xx

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August 30, 2016
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August Days

What a gorgeous month August has been, we have had so much sunshine and have loved every minute!

We have been so busy in the Cat Hotel this month, lots of regular faces and a few new ones. We had two Siberian kittens stay with us for three weeks, they were the most laid back boys and so much fun. We have also, finally, had our first Siamese guest, ‘Lady’, she is a beautiful girl and loves to snuggle up on your lap. She has king prawns for breakfast each day and will talk to you for more!

Our new girls Stella and Sweep are loving be able to go outside and are always in the garden. Stella has managed to catch two birds and just this morning I found the pair of them playing with a mouse in the lounge. Fortunately it was still alive so it was taken out to the front garden where it scampered away. Doumy, our old girl, is still going strong and is usually found lying in the sun in the front garden.

The donkeys love this time of year as they love the harvest. They pick the blackberries off of the hedgerows and beg mercilessly for the fallen apples to be given to them. Our damson trees have not had much fruit and what there was has been eaten by the birds, it’s lovely that nothing goes to waste.

The deer are back in our fields and we have spotted one baby, hopefully they will stay as they are safe on our land.

We have a very busy couple of months coming up, but things do ease off in November. We have lots of bookings coming in for 2017 and if you have any holidays planned please let us know as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Back off now to play with my lovely guests, being with the cats each day is so perfect and I feel so lucky that we can do this in such a gorgeous place.

Jackie x

Lucy watching a movie with Lady the Siamese

Lucy watching a movie with Lady the Siamese



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July 25, 2016
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July in the sunshine

What a fantastic month July has been, so much sunshine which makes everyone smile. We have had all our hay cut and it is all neatly stacked in the barns ready for the donkeys during the winter. The fields now look so tidy and Tim can now find all the golf balls he lost!

We have had another lovely lot of cats staying, lots of them are in for quite a few weeks whilst their parents have long summer holidays. We love seeing them relax into their new surroundings. We have had a number of new guests staying this month, including a beautiful boy called Ludwig, he is a real character and  has settled in so well. He is with us for the whole month and will be very much missed as he is gorgeous!

We were unfortunately visited by the fox again a few weeks ago. He took one of our chickens and two of our ducks, which left Gladys all on her own. We have been trying to rehome an older female duck to keep her company and last week found one which needed a home. They were both delighted to see each other straight away and have been inseparable ever since, it really makes your heart sing to see them together. We have named the new girl Cynthia and hope she has many happy years with us.

Stella and Sweep, our new girls are firmly settled in now. Stella loves being out in the garden all day and will always be with you, wherever you are. Sweep will venture out when we are there and loves sunbathing in front of the shed. Their little lives have changed so much for them and it is so lovely to see them so happy. Their brother, Sebastian, who was rehomed by a lovely couple in Romsey, is being thoroughly spoilt and is absolutely adored. He is staying back with us whilst they are on holiday and it is so lovely to still be part of his life. It sounds as though he may be getting a new playmate soon, I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

We are working with the donkeys daily with the aim that Percy and Arthur will be ready to start going out to care homes next year. Arthur is getting used to walking on different floors, much to our son’s surprise when he came down for breakfast and found a donkey in the kitchen! Fortuanely he is used to living in a slightly less than normal home!

We have another really busy month ahead in August and we are looking forward to a variety of new and old guests. Hopefully the sun will continue to shine as the cats to love to sunbathe.

I have to end on a sad note this month as we have had news that one of our regular guests has died. Sebastian (not Sebastian the Silver Tabby) was a gorgeous boy who spent all his holidays with us. He was adored by both his family and us alike and will be missed so very much. He had a tough start in life before he found his forever family and was such an affectionate boy who gave so much. We will never forget you sweet boy.

Jackie xx

Arthur exploring the kitchen!

Arthur exploring the kitchen!

Darling Sebastian

Darling Sebastian

Our new girls enjoying the sunshine and entertaining the cats!

Our new girls enjoying the sunshine and entertaining the cats!



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June 25, 2016
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Summer at Hotel Cat

Sweep the shorthaired Persian

Sweep on her favourite windowsill

Well, we are supposed to be enjoying summer, but it hasn’t been great so far has it?! Our hay fields are full and we are desperate for a dry spell so that we can start making the hay for the donkeys.

June has been another really busy month with plenty of lovely cats coming and going. At one stage we had four elderly cats in, they were all from different families, the youngest was fifteen and the oldest was twenty. Once these had gone home we had a number of young cats to stay and the variety of personality’s who come to stay is amazing. We had our first ever Sphynx kitten called Kermit who was a complete live wire and kept us all highly entertained, what a lovely breed. We also had two gorgeous Burmese kittens who were amazing and so affectionate. We have also had lots of our regular lovely guests staying and I love knowing all the cats so well and the way they settle straight into the hotel.

We have been taking the donkeys out on walks around the lanes lately and they always make people smile. We hope by next year they will be ready to start their therapy work and spread some joy around care homes and hospices. They are amazing creatures to spend time with, very similar to the cats in that they are very relaxing to be with and they adore a fuss.

Our new cats are settling in really well and I think our old cat Doumy has realised they are staying! She won’t let them go upstairs as that is her territory and she has a bed on the landing so that she can be on guard. Stella, the grey cat, has just started to go outside with us in the garden and she loves it, but Sweep, with her bad eye sight, prefers to live indoors and will go from room to room seeking the sunniest spot. It’s so lovely to have them and they are very happy.

Right, back up to see my lovely guests, I expect it is time for another game with Jax the energetic Bengal!


Stella the shorthaired Persian

Stella who adores jumping from top to top in the new kitchen!

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May 30, 2016
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May Madness

I have no idea where May went, if only January would go so fast! The farm looks absolutely wonderful at the moment. All of the oak trees are a deep green and we awash with young birds. Our hayfields are a haven for wildlife and are a lovely sanctuary for the baby pheasants and rabbits to play in.

We have had another really busy month and have had amazing guests. We currently have a family of eight cats who have just arrived, it’s always lovely to see how quickly they settle in and I am besotted with them all. Another amazing guest is our first Sphynx cat called Kermit – what a huge character he is, whenever I bend over to clean he is instantly on my back and he purrs like a train!

Our new Persian rehome girls are settling in with us indoors, although Doumy, our old cat is being incredibly bossy with them and they spend most of their time in or dining room. Hopefully with time they will all settle down as we do love them.

The donkeys are all loosing their winter coats and I think most of the birds in the lane have a nest made of donkey hair! Our pet sheep have just be shorn and are much happier without their huge winter coats.

We now have very limited space left for the summer and are now taking bookings from the 8th September onwards. Christmas is fully booked with a waiting list which is lovely as it is all of our favourites staying.

The sun is shining outside and there is plenty of cat sunbathing going on – I have the most perfect job in the world 🙂

Jackie x

The 'Boys' Percy, Stanley and Arthur off to entertain the cats!

The ‘Boys’ Percy, Stanley and Arthur off to entertain the cats!

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April 21, 2016
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April fun at Hotel Cat

Wow, where has April gone?! What a busy month and what a lovely one. It’s been so lovely to see the oak trees turning green and our cherry trees are laden with gorgeous blossom.

We have had another really busy month and we could do with double the amount of rooms for May as we have had to turn so many people away. We have happy/sad news about our three long term cats, Sebastian, Stella and Sweep, their owner has decided to rehome them. We were going to take them on as we thought we were going to lose our precious Doumy, but as she continues to enjoy good health it has been decided that it would be kinder to let the cats find another home. As I write Sebastian looks as though he has landed on his feet with a lovely home offered and I will let everyone know about the girls this week. If anyone knows somebody who may be interested in two beautiful short haired Persians, one who is a lap cat and one who is partially sighted but who adores games, please get in touch. As you can imagine it is going to be very hard for us to see them go as they have become part of the family and I know they have a huge fan club with our regular customers.

On a happier note we can announce the arrival of Arthur the miniature donkey and our newest member of entertainment staff :-). To say he is adorable is an understatement and he has settled straight in with the other boys so well. As you can imagine with the cats and donkeys to entertain I don’t get a lot done in a day, but I do smile a lot!! If you would like to come and meet Arthur please feel free to drop in, he does adore a neck scratch and is quite partial to a digestive biscuit…….

We have had another amazing mix of cats in this month and have had four families of three in at the same time – lots of cats to entertain! I adore seeing the cats relax and explore their suites and love it when the shy ones come for a fuss – I totally adore the cat hotel and wouldn’t swap my life for anything. The most stressful job I have is getting breakfast out on time as the cats are Very demanding in the morning!

Look forward to meeting our new guests and seeing our old favourites soon,

Jackie xx

Shorthair Persians

Darling Sweep who is looking for a home with Stella


Gorgeous Stella who loves a warm lap to curl up on

Gorgeous Stella who loves a warm lap to curl up on

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March 15, 2016
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Spring arrives at Hotel Cat

It’s lovely to say that Spring has finally arrived as winter seemed to go on and on. The birds are nesting in the boxes outside the cat windows and are emptying the feeders as quickly as we can fill them. I love this time of year as everything is so fresh and positive and we have a great year to look forward to. We are filling up quickly now for the summer, with both old and new guests coming to stay. Easter is fully booked with a lovely bunch of cats who are going to be very indulged with lots of treats, toys and a home cooked Easter Day lunch menu consisting of salmon, turkey and prawns – I think I am going to be very popular that day!

Our new cat climbing units are being well used and the cats love them, they certainly look very smart in the Royal Mews suites. We have the gorgeous kitten Gibbs staying for a couple of weeks whilst his Mum is in hospital, he is adorable and his antics keep all the other cats highly entertained – he certainly loves to play. We had our first pair of pure bred Norwegian Forest cats in for a couple of weeks last month and I have to say I am in love with the breed. They were incredibly loving and so laid back, we really did enjoy their company, hopefully we will have more coming to stay.

Our cat Doumy is (touch wood) doing really well and is currently say next to me in the sunshine. Arthur the donkey is joining the family at the end of this week and we are all really looking forward to his arrival.

I must go there are cats to be entertained!

Jackie x

Gorgeous Bailey the Norwegian Forest Cat staying at Hotel Cat luxury cattery Hampshire

Gorgeous Magnus the Norwegian Forest Cat staying at Hotel Cat luxury cattery Hampshire

Daisy March 2016 320

The equally gorgeous Magnus the Norwegian Forest Cat

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