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December 18, 2014
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We were thrilled to be asked to be involved with the company Fish4Cats. Many of you will know all about their well known brand Fish4Dogs, which is a very popular premium natural food. Well, they have recently launched Fish4Cats alongside. We have trialled Fish4Cats on our own cats and on a number of our guests too. They have all, without exception, loved it. The complete kibble is crunchy and smells lovely and the fish mousse is gone as soon as it is put down.

The complete food contains high fish levels -65% fish content and is obviously extremely good for your cats coat and general condition. With added algae – a rich and sustainable source of Omega 3, added Cranberries and ideally balanced amino acid and mineral profile of fish to aid with urinary tract infection.

From now on each of our guests will be given a complimentary bag with both kibble and two pouches of the mousse to try. Have a look on their website for more information

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December 13, 2014
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Christmas and the Daily Mail at Hotel Cat

We have been very busy in the last couple of weeks. The Daily Mail came down for the day and wrote another lovely review of us in the newspaper.
We have had numerous other journalists visit and the publicity has been fantastic, we already have bookings for Christmas 2015!

The Cat Hotel is looking very festive and our large sparkling Christmas tree has a huge box of gifts underneath ready to be distributed on Christmas morning. I think we are all more excited about our guests presents than our own and each one has been carefully selected to suit the individual personality of each cat. We have a wonderful selection of guests and will post photos on our gallery in the New Year.

The majority of our guests have never stayed away from home before and understandably their parents are always anxious about how they will cope. The truth is that every cat who has stayed so far has settled in really well. We do ask that you bring plenty of familiar bits from home to leave in their suites and all of the cats relax into their new surroundings very quickly. It is important to remember that we are with your cats all day at their calling. They have an awful lot of one to one time throughout the day and late into the evening.

I have posted a couple of photos of brother and sister, Florence and Ravello. Their Mum and Dad were very worried about how they would cope here and whether they would eat. The truth is they are very relaxed, eating well and adore watching all the animals wandering outside their window. Ravello also loves to watch Lion King on the television, he is so funny and always jumps on the table when I switch it on, it’s quite apt seeing as how his parents have gone on safari! IMG_3242


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