Hotel Cat is the UK’s only purpose built hotel exclusively for cats. Just seven, human size suites, all tastefully furnished to ensure your precious cat has a relaxing, stress free stay. Treat your much loved cat to a holiday of their own.
With full-sized beds, cat climbing frames, luxury toys and garden rooms, your cat will enjoy a fun filled and relaxing stay with us!


Special Offer

free skype call

There’s nothing our feline friends like more on holiday than checking in with their family, and now you can easily keep up with Hotel Cat’s original Skype Your Cat service. No longer do you have to wait to hear their relaxing purr. No longer do you have to leave your pet alone for long, wondering where you’ve gone! Now you can see them run and jump as they go about their adventures and you go about your own – just as if you were at home together. We’ll show you round their suite and tell you what they have been doing. And if one call just isn’t enough, we can arrange daily catch-ups!
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